Baked tofu recipes

Baked tofu recipes

Verify out these fantastic marinated and baked tofu recipes. Baked tofu is lower-unwanted fat and minimal-carb, vegetarian and vegan. You can consume baked tofu as it is, or include it to salads, pasta or vegetarian stir-fries. If you like baked tofu, consider these flavorful marinated tofu recipes.

Simple Barbecue Baked Tofu

The sugar in barbecue sauce is really what can make this method of creating baked tofu (it truly is so easy it really is barely a recipe!) perform so well, so make confident you use a barbecue sauce with some added sweetener. I like to use a great quality Texas style barbecue sauce and serve on sourdough bread to make barbecue tofu sandwiches! If you happen to be new to cooking with tofu or have never produced baked tofu before, this is a fantastic recipe to try due to the fact it is so easy and totally foolproof.

Baked Tofu in Thai Peanut Sauce

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I enjoy Thai peanut sauce, and I enjoy baked tofu. For that reason, this baked tofu in Thai peanut sauce recipe is fairly a lot the greatest factor ever. Don’t try out to skimp on shop-purchased peanut sauce, as you actually do need the additional sugar (in this scenario, in the sort of maple syrup) in buy to get the correct result.

Sesame Ginger Baked Tofu Recipe

This sesame ginger baked tofu recipe is an straightforward baked tofu recipe, impressed by the flavors of Asia. Just whisk up a marinade and bake! Since this baked tofu recipe is so simple, it really is a excellent one particular to pair with a vegetarian noodle recipe or to top off a vegetable stir-fry for a straightforward and healthy vegetarian evening meal.

Baked Tofu “Chicken Nuggets”

Three different reviewers have all offered this breaded tofu “hen nuggets” 5 out of five stars and agree they’re very delicious and similar to hen nuggets, whether baked or fried (the recipe includes guidelines for each baking and frying). I have produced these with equally typical breadcrumbs and panko, and they always change out wonderful, no make a difference what.

Baked Tofu “Fish” Sticks

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Introducing lemon juice and seaweed generates a fishy taste to a breaded and baked tofu. Dip these tofu “fish” sticks in tartar sauce for an even fishier flavor. Although the recipe calls for nori seaweed, any variety will do, so consider using dulse or kelp, or whatever you can find in your grocery store. For an additional “fishy” dish, provide these tofu sticks with a home made vegan tartar sauce.

Baked Tofu in Korean Barbecue Sauce

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Korean BBQ may possibly have arrived at it is peak as a food trend a couple of years ago presently, but that doesn’t mean that the spicy sweet flavors of Korean barbecue sauce usually are not still just as tasty. Try out this simple baked tofu with a home made Korean barbecue marinade. You can thank me later. It’s extraordinary.

Sweet and Spicy Tofu Nuggets

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These small tofu nuggets are baked in a sweet and spicy sauce for a delectable dish. If you like baked tofu, attempt this effortless sweet and spicy baked tofu recipe. Go forward and make a double batch. They are just that very good (and simple to make, also!).

Cornmeal Breaded Tofu

In this vegetarian baked tofu recipe, tofu is coated in cornmeal and a few spices then baked till crispy. Like most breaded and baked tofu recipes, you can also pan-fry this tofu in a little bit of neutral flavored oil, this kind of as canola or safflower oil. Don’t overlook a bit of ketchup, ranch dressing or barbecue sauce to dip it in!

Lemon Basil Baked Tofu

A saucy baked tofu with lemon, Dijon mustard with basil and a bit of thyme for taste. A reviewer gave this lemon baked tofu recipes five out of 5 stars and mentioned, “Really flavorful, I devoured half the block proper out of the oven.” Hmm, possibly you ought to make a double batch simply because it’s just that very good!

Chinese five-Spice Baked Tofu

Chinese 5 spice is a exclusive flavor that definitely isn’t for everybody. If you have “undeveloped” Western style-buds, you could want to reduce the volume of 5-spice needed in half, but, if you like Chinese five-spice or authentic Asian foodstuff, you will love this simple baked tofu recipe.

Miso Glazed Baked Tofu

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A salty and savory tofu dish broiled in the oven to create a crispy golden brown crust. If you like miso, this is a great recipe to try out. Tasty on its personal or in vegetarian sandwiches or wraps.

Pesto Breaded Tofu Cutlets

A new basil and Parmesan cheese breading lightly coats these baked tofu and pesto cutlets. Bake them in the oven, or, if you might be not involved about a bit of included excess fat, they perform effectively pan-fried in a little bit of oil as well. Consider serving them topped with a little bit of extra pesto, or drizzled with a gourmand flavored olive oil.

More tofu recipes

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If you love baked tofu, possibilities are you’ll enjoy it fried, scrambled, grilled stir-fried, baked into lasagna and pureed into a sweet dessert. Here’s a comprehensive checklist of every tofu recipe you could probably imagine. Pictured: Tandoori grilled tofu

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