English toffee

English toffee

Effortless to make and excellent for gifting, Aged Fashioned English Toffee dusted with grated almonds – a family favorite for generations!

English Toffee is a preferred take care of of all our close friends and loved ones. It will become a single of your family favorites too! Don’t be frightened to make it due to the fact it’s quite easy and even if it’s not ideal, it nevertheless preferences fantastic. If you haven’t ever tried out creating home made candy, this may possibly be a excellent recipe to begin with.

I acquired this recipe years in the past from my friend Gretchen who also was my hairdresser. We moved 600 miles absent so I had to last but not least crack down and uncover a new hairdresser good friend, but when I was still capable to go to Gretchen for a haircut, she shared a piece of this English Toffee with me. Gretchen experienced received it as a reward from one more consumer. I begged her to get the recipe for me and she last but not least agreed, if I would make it and bring her a tiny tin every single Christmas. She obtained the recipe and I made it, once again and once more. Don’t you love a excellent partnership?! That was more than 20 several years ago and I’m nonetheless creating this same recipe right now. I’ve seen several related recipes over the a long time but I feel I’ll stick with this English Toffee because I’ve constantly had excellent achievement.

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