Peanut chicken

Peanut chicken

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This freezer Asian Peanut Rooster can be assembled forward and stashed in the freezer until finally you’re prepared to prepare dinner it up in the slow cooker or Quick Pot! Vegan and reduced carb possibilities shown.

Our Freezer Food Prep Challenge is virtually on us and that indicates I’ve been tests freezer foods like mad!

This Asian peanut rooster recipe is a wonderful 1 since you can truly adjust it up dependent on your diet plan I’ve provided some swaps to make it low carb, and vegan!

Not only that, but this recipe can be cooked in either a sluggish cooker OR an Instantaneous Pot. How’s that for functional?!

This Asian Peanut Hen

  • can be assembled forward and frozen as a freezer crock pot meal
  • can be made gluten-free of charge, vegan or lower carb
  • can be cooked in a sluggish cooker or an Immediate Pot

How to make this Asian peanut chicken

This recipe is tailored from the Thai Peanut Hen Marinade recipe in this post! I merely increased the sauce a little bit for a more substantial volume to prepare dinner in the Instant Pot or gradual cooker.

  1. Combine the peanut sauce elements, hen breasts, sweet potatoes, onion and carrots in a slow cooker or Immediate Pot.
  2. Pressure prepare dinner for 5 minutes or sluggish cook for 3-four hours.
  3. Stir in the spinach (this is optional but makes it a much more well balanced meal).
  4. Serve over rice!

A number of crucial points

  • when cooking in the Immediate Pot, slice your hen breasts in 50 percent so that they cook by way of in the 5 minutes
  • you might want to leave the carrots out of the sluggish cooker or cut them quite little as they may well not prepare dinner through in 3-4 several hours on minimal
  • to swap the sweet potatoes, onions & carrots for minimal carb options like zucchini, broccoli or asparagus- you will need to have to include these during the final hour of cooking in the sluggish cooker or soon after the chicken has cooked in the Immediate Pot. Select sautee and cook them in the sauce for a handful of minutes.

How can I provide this peanut sauce hen? We served more than rice (or cauliflower rice).

How do I put together this peanut butter hen recipe as a crockpot freezer food? Merely mix the ingredients in a strong freezer bag (or a single of these great eco-welcoming silicone freezer luggage !), and freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw overnight ahead of cooking as directed.

Can I swap for chicken thighs? Absolutely. Sluggish Cooker- you can cook dinner for four-5 several hours on minimal for boneless skinless chicken thighs (I do not recommend skin-on rooster thighs for the sluggish cooker as they will release a whole lot of unwanted fat throughout the cook dinner time). Immediate Pot- reduce them in modest chunks and force cook dinner for five minutes.

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