Shake and bake chicken

Shake and bake chicken

Greater than Shake ‘n Bake! Straightforward, low-cost & tastes much better also! Common ingredients arrive together in this copycat Shake ‘n Bake recipe that’s even greater than the authentic.

Greater than Shake ‘n Bake Chicken

I have to be sincere and say up entrance that I have not had Shake ‘n Bake Chicken in many, a lot of years. Even though it was one particular of my absolute favourites as a kid, I don’t know that I have even purchased it even though dwelling in this property for the previous 22 several years.

When I was a kid, I would have been like that small fella in the 1970’s professional, operating home for his favourite supper on Shake ‘n Bake evening. Bear in mind him? “Once, we didn’t have it for two whole months!!”

A pair of months in the past I was at a friend’s house soon after he had just arrive property from a substantial Costco run and there was an huge box of Shake ‘n Bake on his countertop.

Seemingly his youngsters liked it and the two dad and mom in the family becoming teachers, this comfort item definitely did make feeling when coming home and having to have supper completely ready swiftly. Observing it yet again manufactured me a minor nostalgic.

Dried Bread Crumbs

My cheapskate inspiration for Selfmade Shake ‘n Bake.

When I was in a supermarket a handful of weeks later on I seen the offers and checked the cost. It was $2.seventy nine for a package deal of two little envelopes. Given that this was only about 1 cup of dried breadcrumbs and some seasoning, I thought, “Wow, that’s really a markup!”

Considering that I was planning some recipes for my website that incorporated Homemade Dried Bread Crumbs, I produced a mental notice to try out a homemade edition myself.

Looking at the package substances, the seasoning did not have individual ingredients detailed but I did observe that corn food and corn starch were on the listing. This created perfect perception since the cornmeal would include added crispiness.

The recommendations stated to moist only with water, so the corn starch made perfect feeling as well due to the fact it certainly assists the coating stick to the chicken when coming into make contact with with the damp exterior of the hen parts.

With all that in mind and with a blend of frequent spice rack components in mind as well, I experimented with a pair of batches and finally got the seasoning degree that feel performs very best. Judging by the flavour, there is noticeably a lot more seasoning utilized in this variation than the professional model but our family definitely liked it far more flavour is absolutely much better!

The look, texture and crispiness are as close to the authentic as it is most likely likely to get. Like the professional brand, it also retained the rooster parts moist and juicy within.

Taking into consideration that y0u can make the bread crumbs from 2 or three working day previous bread finishes that you may possibly presently have on hand, I’d say the expense is effortlessly at least 75% much less than getting it in the shop and a solitary batch is ample for five or 6 foods. On worth by itself, this idea can’t be conquer.

I’ll be making an attempt a couple of other variations shortly, including one that uses our Home made Italian Seasoning in the mix!

Greater than Shake ‘n Bake completely ready for the oven

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Remember to Observe! Many remarks have questioned about the quantity of salt at 1 1/two Tbsp. Remember that this recipe can make adequate coating for Several meals. It is equivalent to six or much more envelope packets of a commercially obtainable coating, so the quantity of salt is fairly moderate, if not minimal by comparison, and of training course with no artificial preservatives extra.

JUNE 2018 UPDATE: Verify out our latest variation of this recipe Copycat Barbecue Shake & Bake.

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